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Why Interpersonal Skills are Important for Tutoring

30 Dec

Why Interpersonal Skills are Important for Tutoring

Interpersonal skills are important in everyday life. They affect how we communicate with others, how we relate to them and how we make ourselves clearly understood. Someone may have excellent qualifications and know their subject matter well. However, if they do not have good interpersonal skills they will not be a good tutor whether they be an economics tutor, English tutor, or a science tutor.

Interpersonal skills are used in tutoring:

1. When communicating with students one on one. The message needs to be clearly communicated so that the student can easily understand what is being taught. Teaching needs to be done in an easy to understand way, at the students own level. This is how students learn best!

2. With students of all grades and subjects. Whether a primary school tutor or a high school tutor, the teacher needs to relate well to students, teachers and staff.
If a teacher does not relate well to students, without barriers, the students will not respond well.

3. Listening skills are just as important as verbal skills. It is vital that a tutor can understand what a student is asking them and to really understand what level of skill the student is at and where they need further help.

4. Non-verbal communication. The teacher must be able to relate to students with positive body language and also to understand the body language that the student is communicating to them. This will help them to relate better to the students and to pick up on when more clarification is needed.

5. Tutors need to relate well to parents. Parents will want regular feedback on how their student is progressing. This must be correctly communicated.

6. Keeping the class interesting. Good interpersonal and communication skills will keep the class listening to their teacher! The students will be more alert and interactive and will learn more.

A tutor who has the above skills will be able to communicate well with their students. A tutor needs to be able to communicate with students, teachers and staff. They need to listen and use both verbal and nonverbal skills to make teachings sessions interesting and to engage optimum learning.

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