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3 Signs That You Need to Get a Tutor

30 Dec

3 Signs That You Need to Get a Tutor

Obtaining a tutor can have an amazing effect on a child’s academic performance. You may notice some telltale signs that you child needs a little extra help. Report cards may not be as good as previous ones, or your teacher may have remarked that they do not seem to be concentrating in class.

Here are some signs that your child will benefit from a tutor whether that be a primary school tutor, English tutor, economics tutor, science tutor or any other academic tutor:

1. Their grades are slipping.

The decline in grades may be sudden or there may be a gradual downward slope. Talk to the teacher about any areas that may be of difficulty. Pinpointing the areas where there are problems will get you well on your way to finding a solution.

2. Your child has a learning disorder including ADHD or dyslexia.

If your child has a learning difficulty they will generally need to work harder to maintain the same grades as their classmates. A one-on-one tutor can give them individual help to learn in a way that is easy for them to understand.

3. Changes at home.

If there have been changes in the household that result in a time commitment from the parents, such as a new baby, more time being spent at work or additional study commitments there may not be the same time available from the parents to spend on homework help that there once was. As children get older their homework increases. The curriculum may also cover areas that parents are not familiar with. A tutor can relieve this burden by helping with homework tasks.

Your child’s academic success relies on good grades. A tutor can help them academically which will, in turn, increase their confidence. A little extra help from a tutor can put a smile on their face again and they will enjoy school once more! For tutoring in Sydney contact Peak Tuition.

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