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3 Reasons Why You Should Love Math as a Subject

30 Dec

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Math as a Subject

For many kids and their parents, math is far from their favourite subject. Math requires a different level of thinking…. which causes many students to dislikeit.But believe it or not, this subject can help you in many areas of your life!Here are 3 reasons we as primary school tutors believe you should love math:

1. You Learn Problem Solving

This helps you to think at a higher level in all your other subjects. As well as at school, you need problem solving skills in everyday life. The world is full of problems! Getting a primary school tutor to help with your math will also help you to problem solve within your family, with your friends and later, with your job.

2. Learning Math Makes You Good with Money

Having mathskills makes you good with money. You need math to budget, count money, do your banking, and invest. When you learn to love math, you will have more money in the bank, better investments and cooler holidays. It will also impress your friends when you can work out sale prices at your favourite store in your head!

Engineers, scientists and stockbrokers all use math and make great money! As a well respected math and science tutor Sydney area, we recommend that you concentrate on your math!

3. You Use Math in Everyday Life

Math is used each and every day. After some coaching with a good math primary school tutor your math skills will help you:

  • to tell the time;
  • in music;
  • when following a recipe;
  • when measuring anything around the house including tiles, carpet and walls to be painted;
  • when planting in the garden;
  • to calculate fuel costs;
  • to weigh luggage when travelling;
  • every time you shop.

When doing math you do not need to write essays or, do assignments. The prefrontal cortex in your brain gets a workout without you getting sweaty. Learning to love math helps you in many areas. For the best math and science tutor Sydney has to offer contact us at Peak Tuition today.

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