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3 Quick Tips for More Productive Studying

30 Dec

3 Quick Tips for More Productive Studying

As expert English, Maths and Economics tutors Sydney region we at Peak Tuition find that organising your time management allows you to balance, home, work and study time. By arranging your priorities you will reduce stress,which will give you better results in your study. Here are 3 tips for great study habits:

1. Make Lists

List everything that has to be done, in order of priority. Leaving everything until the last minute can create panic, and will affect your grades. Also without lists, things can easily be forgotten! Do what has to be done first – studying for tomorrow’s exam, or your most urgent assignment. Then work down your list in order of priority. There are many different time scheduling apps available including Evernote and Google Keep – however, we find using a notepad and a pen can work just as well!

2. Avoid Distractions

Think about how and where you study to get your best results. If you have a tutor, such as an English tutor or a mathematics or economics tutor, consider scheduling extra sessions near examination time. For some people studying with friends is distracting and can lead to procrastination. For others studying in a group helps them to be motivated. Find your best study time, place and method to study. It is not usually in front of the TV!

3. Absorb the Information

Everyone works best at different times of the day– for some, it may be early in the morning, for others after dinner. Work with what is best for you to get the most out of your study time.

As professional maths, economics and English tutors, we find that taking frequent rest breaks allows your brain to absorb the information that you have just learned. The best way to do give your mind a rest is to “sleep on it”. The next best way is to take breaks frequently. Look after yourself when studying – always allow enough time to work, rest and play. And eat well!

Taking the above into consideration will see you increase your focus and get your study done ahead of time. We are a renowned in New South Wales as a maths, English and economics tutor Sydney region. Contact us for more information on tutoring… we will help you to reach your full potential.

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